After some good fishing in late september in Croatia I put the Stelzbock on the trailer to go back north.

On the 15th of october around 7am close to Kassel I had to stop suddenly because of a stopped Truck on the highway .In the same second I got to a stop another 40ton truck crashed into the Stelzbock and pushed it with me in my van into the stopped truck. The boat and car are a total loss but I got out with just a broken hand. We will see what and when something will replace the Stelzbock.

Thank´s for all the good times !

Weatherforecast for the fishinggrounds in Rügen !


Another very good day for the Stelzbock !

We caught a 10.5kg salmon

and 7 seatrouts up to 5 kg today

and missed two more salmon and a couple trouts as well.


We had another excellent day !

Axel caught his personel and the boats biggest salmon so far !

It was 123cm long and weighed 16kg !

Ingo caught another 8 kg fish

and we caught another 5 seatrouts !


Next trip to Rügen and we had an excellent start !

First I caught my personel best salmon of 14 kg !

After that Ingo caught a 7kg fish

and we had one more bite in the morning !


Back in Rügen the week started with just a few very small seatrouts but in the end I got

a decent trout


a 10,5kg salmon

for the first trip. Two fish have been caught around 19kg and one over 20 was brought in allready. More to come in a few days .


After a good season in croatia the Stelzbock went to Rügen in NE Germany for salmonfishing between christmas and new year.

We did a short two day trip two weeks before where we caught 4 salmon and 5 seatrouts.

On the 26th a salmon around 8 kg.

The next day we caught one about 12 kg on a dipsy diver.

We caught 3 more salmon up too 10 kg and a couplke of seatrout.

On the 30st Axel and Marco on the "Blackmarlin" caught two nice ones with 14 and 16 kg


This years last trip of the Stelzbock was in the middle of dezember

to sweden , After a nonsatisfactory trial in Simrishamn I went up to Lake Vänern and caught 3 salmon (landlocked) and 1 laketrout plus a couple of pikes,

The biggest salmon was 9kg

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


No Luck in the fishing again but very good luck in the pointsituation.

As Bakul couldn´t point either today the Stelzbock remained

on the 3rd place of Jezeras "Big Game 2007"


Nada !

Nobody knows if they are still in the lead ?

24.09.2007 (first day of competition)

around 11 I got a call from Stelzbock telling me they had marks on the

Garmin GPS Map 4008

and that was the start of a great day for them !

First Andreas caught and released his first bluefin around 35kg on a 50 pound standup rod.

A bit later my brother Ingo caught a simillar fish on the same tackle and also released it.

Then they got the fish up to the surface and handfeeded them the sardines.

Axel managed to catch the first points for the competiton with his 45,5kg tuna.

And the last action of the day was Andres 60kg tuna

Team Stelzbock is leading the competition as the only team with two fish in the points and 4 fish caught.

Second is a fish of 72,5kg

and the third place lies arround 55kg after the first of 3 days competition !!!


As Axel had a rather bad trip in the summer he wanted to come back to get even.

He came with his three friends Ingo ,Andre and Andreas to join this years international


on there first trainingday they caught a 35kg warmup tuna.

Andre and his first bluefin

My friend Thomas was more lucky in August. The Team caught 2 Tunas of 95 and 85 kg in 5 days of fishing.


This year Axel and friends were not so lucky and only caught a baby Tuna and a simillar size swordfish

but they´ll be back for the competition !


The Stelzbock had a very good season in croatia !

on his 80pound standup tackle

the first fish was Axels 129kg Bluefintuna !

A few days later Marco had his day

He caught a 80kg tuna also on 80 standup

The last big fish of their summertrip was a

130kg + Blueshark

In august Robert and Hermann borrowed the boat because of a broken "Lucky Strike"

They caught a 68kg Swordfish

After that they caught a couple of bluesharks

Until april the fishing was not very good in Simrishamn.

The water was very cold and the fish didn´t feed or very not in the area.

We did our first trip with the Stelzbock easter but had bad weather and 2.3 degrees cold water.The fish were more frequent in Bornholm but I had nothing organized to go there. We fished only 2 days and caught a 12kg cod north of the davids bank but only had one bite of a salmon that didn´t hookup.

My father and his 12kg cod

The next trip was in the end of april and the fish were still in Bornholm so Axel and his friends Marco and Andreas fished there and caught a 5 kg and a 9 kg salmon and also lost a nice one.

I arrived on the 30st of april and fished alone first in Simrishamn and caught two very small salmon but the water was still too cold so I road over to Bornholm and fished there for two days. I caught only one 4 kg salmon and heared of some friends that first big travelling salmon have been caught in Simrishamn so I went back. I caught one about 3,5 kg in 40feet . I heared of lots of big salmon caught on the surface including 2 over 20 kg !!! and changed my system to travelsalmonfishing with higher speed and straight spoons close to the surface for the next day.

The wind picked up to 8m/s and it was very rough but the salmon liked it !

Multiple catchreports on the radio stopped me from giving up and at midday I got my first bite of a nice one . Unfortunatly the clip on the plannerboard got tangeled due to the rough sea and the line broke after drowning the planner board !

Two hours later I got another bite on a Dipsy diver with a Grizzly salar and after a difficult netting I had my 12kg traveller in the boat !

The weatherforcast for the next days was bad so I packed and went home But I´ll come back for more !



Andreas and the start of a great day !

Axel and No 2

A nice Cod !

Ingo and the biggest one 14.5 kg !

The last minute salmon !

1 rod left in the water !!!


Since a couple of seasons we are fishing for atlantic salmon out of simrishamn

south sweden !

Last year we got a new Quicksilver 630 and we had a very produktiv season !

The Stelzbock

We had very good fishing in december and january

Our best day was 11 salmon with 3 over 10 kg !

The biggest fish on our boat was 12,3 kg caught in april 04

The biggest I have seen landed in simrishamn was 20,5 kg

but the record here is over 24kg

We are fishing in the open baltic in waterdephts between 40 and 80 meters

We are trolling with downriggers ( canon unitrolls ) and several other divingdevices

and on the suface with mostly artificial lures like spoons and plasticbaits.

The fishinggrounds start about 5 miles from the habour.

The main species is the atlantic salmon but seatrouts are also quiet common and get to up too 15kg !

You will also catch codfish and unfortunatly also lots of garfish from april on.

Axel with 10,7 kg salmon

Ingo with a nice salmon

I will be in Simrishamn in march april in 2005

If you are interested just give me a mail and we might find a way to get you a couple of nice salmon !!!

Olaf Grimkowski

e-mail: ogrimmel@web.de