The first of 3 days fishing in croatia and we caught 2for3 small bluefin tuna and a small sunfish(mola mola)


We fished 8 days in july and caught 8 bluefins up to 70kg.

The fishing is already very good and everybody catches fish. The last days the biggest fish was around 180kg but the run with the big fish is still to come.

Martin with his 70kg bluefin

We will fish in september again.



The fishing season has already been very succesfull here in Jezera !

Due to strict fishingregulations in the med a lot of fish are in the adriatic and fish up too 250 kg have been caught . We had our gfirst day today but we got only lifebaits and a ray but todays biggest one was 130 kg.


The fishing is still good and we caught a 70 kg and a 50 kg in the last days.

Stelzbock caught 4 in two daysafter the competition.

We released another small tuna and ended on place 15.

First place was "Starac"

second was Vito 2

and third Graal


Nothing for us but Stelzbock caught a 52 kg tuna.

The biggest fish today was 134kg.


The first day of the croatian competition and we caught a small tuna wich we released for 100 points.

The biggest fish so far was a 63kg fish.


On our first day after the summer break of SHY

We caught two bluefins.

Bernd caught his first tuna of 50 kg

and Dirk caught and released a 70 kg



In the last days some nice tunas were caught by the boats in Jezera quiet a few over 100kg .We caught some small tunas trolling and a small swordfish on 30pound line.

We also had a Mola Mola and a blueshark.


We fished the first two days with SHY but only caught a blueshark

and a 13kg dorado.

There are tunas around and

have been caught in all sizes.



Shy had it´s last fishingday for this season today.

Andreas caught 4 tunas between 20 and 40 kg and pulled the hook on one more.

Still plenty of small fish around.


Pretty windy today but the few boats that went out caught fish.


Nothing for us today but 3 tunas up to 60 kg on the Stelzbock and plenty fish inbetween the fleet.




We caught 3 tunas up to 40 kg on 50 pound gear and one one 25kg fish on 12 pound line.

Stelzbock caught 3 tunas .


We caught and released 3 tunas between 20 and 30 kg.

Stipe caught 10.

Stelzbock caught and released Tims first Tuna.

Graal had 4 and many more were caught.


Roberto from Milano called me this morning and he found bigger tunas around Jabuka 50NM from Jezera so we went there and as we arrived Roberto was hooked up for a while.

We fished close but no luck for SHY . After we finished Roberto and Andrea were still fighting the same fish and I offered help and swam over.

Picture by Jörg Flehte

The fish was hooked on 50 pound standup gear and both anglers were pretty tired so

Picture by Jörg Flehte

I took over and had to fight the fish for a while until we got it on the leader.

Picture by Jörg Flehte

The fish was still very green and wild on the gaffs.

Picture by Jörg Flehte

We finally got it in the boat and estimated it around 180kg !

In Jezera the fishing was also very good.

The Stelzbock caught 3 around 40kg.

Alan caught one about 120kg.

Picture by Jörg Flehte

Graal caught this 175kg fish

and anotherone of similar size was brought in the marina.

Nearly every boat caught small ones as well.


I´m back in Jezera and there are lots of tunas around . Most are small .

We caught nothing today.

The Stelzbock pulled the hook on a better one .

Plenty of small fish caught within the fleet.



Lucky Strike caught two fish between 30 and 40kg and Lovaca caught a small one as well.Shy has a break since yesterday until the 20st of september. I´m on my way to the azores now and start fishing on Brazilia soon.


Lovaca lost a big fish today after 3 hours and spottet marlin had the same result.A local boat brought in a small fish.


A good day for most except us. I found some feeding tunas of good size while we were trolling in the SE and everybody who got there later got bit except SHY. Lovaca caught two between 80 and 40 kg. Bakul caught one well over 100kg a small one and lost a Threshershark. Shiraz caught 4 Tunas of wich

the biggest one was 110kg.

El Patron caught two small ones in another area and Black Marlin also finally got his tuna.

The most spectacular catch of today was defenetly

Charlys 95kg Swordfish.

Hopefully tommorrow we get a piece of the cake as well before the wind starts again.

09.-10.08.2008 wind...


We started early today but no luck. El patron lost two tunas in the evening and Shiraz caught two for five tunas between 20 and 40 kg trolling.


Slow fishing and shitti wheather Black Marlin managed to catch a small swordfish.


Lots of expectations but not much happened Spotted Marlin caught a small tuna.


The day started pretty slow until the boats in the east saw a big feedingfrenzy on the surface. Lots of tunas of all sizes were feeding on sardines and anchovy.

The fish were not interested in the chum

but there were so many that

we caught a doubleheader around 25 and 40 kg.

El Patron caught two around 70 kg and 4tuna got a small one.


Simillar catches to the last days .

We saw three Mantas in glasscalm water.


We finally broke our bad luck period and Jhon Robert caught his first two bluefins today . The first one was around 25kg and was released and

the second one was 52kg.

Ono had a fish around 70kg ,El Patron caught two small ones and Rene also had a fish on board.

The first Albacore was caught today as well.


Today Jezeras first 100+ tuna was brought in by Spotted Marlin.

Sanneke caught the 104,5kg fish on 80 pound standupgear.

A couple more small ones were caught as well.


Still no luck on SHY !

Lovaca caught a 67kg tuna

and released a smaller one.

Stipe and friends caught two small tunas

as Stormfluglen,Charlie and Bakul caught one.


Two were caught by Bakul and one more was caught.


Our first day out but no luck !

El Patron caught 3 between 40 and 65kg. Graal caught a small one as well.


On the second fishable day after the bad wheather period the fish started eating again.

El Patron with Fritz caught a 85kg Tuna.

White Shark caught a 73kg tuna

and Marco on the Spirit did it again on his own.

Stormvuglen had one about 44kg and caught this 8 kg dorado a couple of days ago.

Shy was not fishing


We have bad wheather since for days.

Before that Jens caught a 45 kg bluefin on standup gear.

The biggest fish in jezera so far was a 95kg tuna caught by Marco from Team Spirit.

They caught a couple smaller ones as well .

El Patron caught one of 56kg on Timmis first day. Shiraz caught 2or three and Charlie also caught 3 up to 85 kg.

There was one more Tuna I know of in jezera from Bonito a fish around 80 kg.

Bakul and Barakuda from Vodice also caught some fish up too 100 kg.

The wheather is supposed to get better on the weekend and then we will see what the cooler water will bring for us !


Today was our last day of this season and one more time we were lucky enough to release two tunas a bit bigger today one around 50kg and one about 60kg.

There were a few better fish caught today so maybe the bigger ones are coming back.

The next report will be from Ascension Island again !


We parked in the fish again today and caught 1 albacore ,1 tuna around 45kg on 50 and a 26 kg tuna on 12 pound tackle again but it was a 5 hour battle to get it up to the surface with 5 pounds of drag.


We caught three small tunas again 2 on 30 pound outfit and 1 on 12 pound gear !


We caught 3 small tunas today wich were all released

The sea is still full of fish between 20 and 40 kg unfortunately most of the caught fish get killed 30.09.2007

Dieter and friends arrived but we caught nothing today

29.09.2007 (final Competition day)

The number of fish caught today was much smaller then the other two days but for Shy it was very good !

We caught 6 bluefins and had two more bites but unfortunatly all the fish were too small for points We weighed one of 38,5 kg (minimumweight for points 40kg) all the others were released.

Two fish were caught that made points one was caught by Limini and the biggest fish of the day was caught by whiteshark and weiged 58kg

The final ranks are :




Shy got awarded for the most releases in a day


Rankings after the first Two days of competition

1. Limini

2. Regin



Lots of fish including a few albacores have been caught today mostly too small for the points but also a number of fish were over 50kg.

The biggest today was 82kg by 4tuna.

Shy caught a 35kg tuna wich was released and had a bite of a better fish but pulled the hook after 20seconds.


Today was the first day of our anual competition and 59 boats entered.

I´,m fishing with Bas and Mariska again but we only caught one Albacore of 13kg.

Lot´s of tunas were caught but a lot of them were too small for the points.

Stelzbock is leading with a total of 106 kg of tuna (read more behind the button Stelzbock)

Second is a fish of 72,5kg and the third lies around 55kg.


The wheather was not ideal anymore moderate SE wind gave us a strong drift and lots of waves but

still Stefan caught his first bluefin of around 40kg

(unfortunatly the fish was injured and we couldn´t release it)

7 tunas up to 50kg were caught in total


The last two days were fishable and lots of small tunas have been caught.

Today SHY had it´s first day fishing after 6 weeks seasonbreak

and Thorsten caught a 55 kg tuna

in the afternoon and we had more fish under the boat in the evening but couldn´t foul them.

There were some more fish caught today but all small.


Only two small tunas were caught today but lots of boats had fish on their sounders that didn´t bite.


Today was the first day after two weeks that the weather was good again and I am looking forward to test my new Garmin sounder on the Stelzbock.

I finished the instalation pretty late and decided to do some bottom fishing. That was a bad decision because five tunas were caught today from 40 to 90kg.

There were more fish seen and one lost so I´ll try tomorrow.

The weather was up and down in the last half of august but still fish around up to 100kg but the everage size starts to go down a bit.


I went out with Axel on his "Blackmarlin" and

we caught a 85kg tuna with my 50pound standup

on a livebait.

At the moment there are also a good number of Amberjacks caught in sizes up to 42 kg


The fishing is still good with decent size fish.

El Patron caught this 112kg bluefin in the afternoon.

a couple more fish came in like every day.

Every day the boats can go out they have an average of one bite a day of tunas between 50 and 150kg.


We caught two smaller tunas today ,one was 56kg and the second one we released.

again there were another 3 fish in the harbour with the biggest arround 100 kg.


Lots of fish caught today but no luck on SHY.

The biggest was around 140kg.

Bad weather again !


Today was the first day SHY was able to go fishing again and there was lots of action.

In the morning we saw lots of good size tunas hunting baitfish on the surface but they didn´t come close enough

Around noon we caught a small blueshark and a little later we hooked a tuna on a live makerel

Jörn-Henrik caught his first 85kg bluefin and did a very good job.

2 hours later we got another bite but the 150pound flourcarbon leader broke in the first run.

A bit later Alex caught a 55kg fish.

7 bluefin between 50 and 130kg and the first two Albacores were caught today



We had some nice echos on the sounder in the afternoon but no luck again . Two smaller tunas were brought in today .

Shiraz pulled the hook on a good fish after 2 .5 hours fight.

The weatherforecast says lowpressure and Wind for the next few days.


A moderate breeze from NW made fishing uncomftable in the afternoon again and only one fish got hooked around 3 in the afternoon.

It was "El Patron" again that brought the next fish in a nice Tuna of 100 kg ,


Today we saw lots of tunas and got a bite around noon but 5meters from the boat the hook pulled out of the 40kg ish bluefin two more boats had bites but no hookup before "El Patron" finally hooked one

and caught the 77kg tuna.

We must have had another bite on a live makerel because when checking the bait we missed the bait as well as the sinker.

This year started different again in the waters along Croatias coast.

From april on there were loads of very small bluefin from 3- 20 kg arround and the stayed until July in numbers.

In April Bakul caught one decent fish of around 150kg but the rest were babys.

We had our first day fishing on the 19th of july and caught two nice size bluesharks of 80 and 100 kg.

1 or two days later Bakul and Barakuda caught the first decent tunas of the summer season.

Barakuda caught two 150 kg and 50-60kg and Bakul caught one around 50kg and lost two more tunas including a nice one that took lots of line.

We went out the next day and saw tunas hunting but only caught two Dorados

13kg and 4 kg.

We did two more very short days but caught nothing decent so far.

At the moment there is one tuna around 50 in the harbour every day.

Yesterday "Blackmarlin" lost a good fish after taking a lot of line .

Today (25.07) we have BORA ( NE wind) and we are waiting for calmer seas again.

The water looks alive with lots of bait and preditors around and also from July to January there is a ban on perseining in the med so we hope for a good season.


Our season in croatia started in the middle of july this year a little bit earlier then normal.

Dieter and his family were here for two weeks and we fished most of the days but short hours.

In the first few days we saw some nice bluesharks up too 140 kg

and Timmy and Jan Phillip each got a nice one over 100kg.

We saw tunas jumping but didn´t get any contacts .A few days later “Cuba Libre” caught the first tuna of the season of around 60kg and lost two more with a doubleheader. My friend and boatpartner in the “Stelzbock”  Axel with another friend Marco arrived

and on their second day of fishing they caught a really nice fish

of 129kg on 80 standup tackle

They were so exausted that they needed help to get the fish in the boat.

We didn´t fish that day. Two days later Dieter decided to take a day off and I went out with Jan Phillip and Timmy alone and we hooked a  nice Tuna. It stayed on the surface for a while so I first thought of a swordfish but finally it went down and behaved like a tuna. After a while Jan Phillip got it to the boat

and we brought the 122kg fish to the scale.

Stelzbock caught another tuna of ca. 80 kg

and a big shark of 130+ kg wich was released as usual.

Bakul caught a Tuna of around 100kg on the first of august and one more fish of 60kg was brought to Jezera  so far.

Shy didn´t fish much in august and unfortunately we didn´t miss too much. There were a few tunas caught in our area including a 130 kg fish of the sailingboat “felicitas” and a fish of around 150kg of Roberto from his 75 foot Hatteras “Macaira”.

The rest of augusts fish were everage size except

a 68kg broadbill on Stelzbock .

We caught a 27kg broadbill in a night trip with Dieter.

In September I started fishing with Team Viking from Norway and they were very lucky !

The first day we caught a 64kg bluefin.

The second day we caught a 58kg swordfish.

The third day it was a 10kg dorado.

And the last  two days of their trip they got bluesharks.Bakul caught a tuna around 80kg.

After that everybody expected the fishing to pick up like the years before but unfortunately

The opposite happened and live disappeared totally from anywhere close.

The competition was a disaster with only 1 tuna caught by “Sveta Ana”.The best thing about it was that it was the seasons biggest fish with 173kg .

This was more or less the end of the season here.

There were reports of commercial fishermen and sportfishingboats from Pescara in Italy that the tuna stayed for almost two months about 30 NM from Pescara and didn´t move towards croatia as they normally do. Let´s hope they change their minds next year again !!!!

For next year we have a new “SHY” in Jezera.

She is a 35foot CABO Flybridge and the nicest boat I have ever been on. I´m looking forward to run this baby !!!

Georg and I brought it over from Mallorca in a very smooth 1200NM trip and we caught some fish small but interesting. The first thing we caught were 2 small bluefins 40 NM west of Sardinia . Then I caught my first spearfish about 20 NM ESE of Sardinia plus a couple of dorados.

Then 10NM north of Palermo we caught two small broadbill !!!

All the fish bit on small surfacelures at 7 KT speed.

2005 season

The bluefin started biting a little bit earlier this season and the last two weeks of july have already been quiet productive. Several tuna over 100 kg have been caught including one of around 200 kg !

We started fishing on the 8th of august and had tuna under the boat but they didn´t bite.

A typickal tunaecho !

The weather is extremely unstable at the moment so we went out after a few days of bad weather and caught a 65kg tuna with Thomas from denmark who was as a guest of Dieter on board.

A period of bad weather followed again and except half a day with lots of wind we only fished on the 14th again.

On the way out we saw fish jumping and we stopped in that area. After an hour of chumming a nice bluefin started feeding in our chumline . Dieter tried to hook him on his 16 pound outfit but the stronger leader was too easy to see for this fish. After half an hour we switched to heavy Tackle with a lighter leader and after five minutes I fouled the fish with a moving freeline.

After 40 minutes Jan Phillipp caught the fish of 125 kg!!!

Later we saw tuna jumping again but couldn´t get them to the chum.

The rest of august was dominated by seeing numbers of bluefin every day feeding on the surface. The problem was they didn´t react to any of our fishingmethods.

There were always 1 or 2 tunas brought to the scale but compared to the numbers we saw it was nothing.

There were two exceptional fish caught in the end of august : 1 treshershark of 180 kg caught by El patron

and a 74 kg swordfish caught by some beginners from Zagreb .

The beginning of september went on like august . Plenty of tuna around but only a few caught. The number of treshersharks was quiet impressive . The were several fish around 100 kg caught . Shy also got one around 100 kg wich was released. We lost a similar one a few days before.Mid September the fish started biting better and we caught one about 95 kg.

The days before and while the Croatian competition was excellent. An everage of 25 Tunas was caught but a lot of small ones .As usual we caught a fish 2 kg to small to count in the competition and on the first day of we caught one about 104 kg. The biggest fish in the competition was a 137 kg tuna caught by Lovaca who also won .Second was Bakul and third was Biggy 2.

The first half of October was still excellent !

5 fish for the best boat in a day was nothing special. Our best day was 5 tuna between 50 and 80 kg and one 30kg swordfish. Sveta Ana had one day with one 5!!! Header (five bluefin at the same time) and two triple headers . They caught six of them.

Delphin with Andreas Wittenstein and friends on board lost a 300kg tuna after 5 hours fight .

The fish was dead and each time they tried to get close to the planed up fish it sunk out of reach. The next day a bottomnet dragger pulled up the fish with the hook in its mouth !

Mid October the fishing went very slow and the tuna disappeared until the end of the month.

See you next year in Jezera


Hi Guys !

Jezeras season 2004 was different to the last few years .

We started in early august and I had the privilege to catch the first bluefin

of 80,5 kg on 50 lb standup tackle.

After that the fishing went quiet well with lots of live inn the adriatic.

We saw bait , mantarays,sunfish and bluesharks everywhere.

The everage size of the tunas caught was better than 100kg

and the first real nice one was caught by Ante on his "Bakul"

Ante with 140kg Bluefin tuna

After that a couple of fish arround 100kg were caught

109kg El Patron

Shy with Jan Phillips 106 kg tuna

The end of august and the first half of september were pretty slow.

The bait dissapeared and the tunas as well.

This year was also the first time that thealbacores didn´t arrive in our fishinggrounds !

In this period of slow fishing 3 exceptional catches have to be reported

Klaus Walter with his 86kg Broadbill

Wolfgang from Denmark with his 30kg spearfish

Mure with his 303kg Giant Bluefin Tuna (Captain of Sveta Ana)

The fishing became normal again one day before the international competition

and the catches of bluefin were pretty good but still no albacores

The rancing of the comp was

1. Sveta Ana

2. El Patron


123kg Treshershark Biggy

ShyII Nema Nista , Nada, Niente... We caught our two fish on the day off so no points !

Day off!!!

After the competition the weather was very bad the fish didn´t bite for a week.

Then we had the BGFC german club competition and we caught 3tunas in 4 days

on SHY

The weather turned teribble again and we managed to go out twice in 8 days only and caught our final tuna for this season.

We ended up with 12 Bluefins 10 albacores caught 55miles offshore, 1 broadbill and lots of bluesharks

When we left we were leading infront of Sveta Ana and Bakul.

I hope the guys will have a good late season !!!



2003 Season

Well Guys ,the season is over for us and it looks like we stopped too early !

We had one more great day with 5 caught Tuna and we lost one on Dieters 20lb outfit because of another fish swimming through the line.

Our total was 28 bluefin up to 110 kg + 144 albacores and a couple pf other fish in 45 fishingdays.

After Marty and I left to germany we heared of two boats catching 6 Tunas in a day and the everage is about three a day .El Patron caught 15 fish in 4 days !!!

So Oktober is even better than last year as long as the weather cooperates !

Marty and I are in ascencion now and it looks very promissing ! The lokals catch tons of Yellowfins and the waters are still full of bait !

Last year at this time we didn´t have that in that amount.

So we will see what comes up when we start fishing in the end of october !!

17.9. Today we didn´t get a bluefin but we had 4 albacores and at least two other boats caught bluefin around 80 kg .

18.9. Today we started later because we wanted to try a broadbilltroll at night .We see broadbills from 50 to 100 kg jumping nearly every day.

At 6 oclock we hooked a nice Bluefin of 93 kg and we had it in the boat 20 minutes later. When it got dark we started trolling illumines lures with lightsticks but we didn´t get any bites .Anyway the bluefin turned to be a potential dutch record and we had to get our certified scale out!

19.8. Bas last day was also a good one .We caught a 82 kg bluefin and 12 albacores.Avery good week in Croatia! Bas was so kind to allow my parents for a visit on board and my father caught his first albacore and he was impressed how much power such a small fish can have.

21.9. New people new luck again !

Andreas ,Heinz,Thomas and Gerald arrived yesterday and they brought alltheir tackle from home .every rodholder was filled and we went out to where we caught our last fish. After half an hour of chumming we got a bite on an 80 standup and Thomas brought the 40 kg bluefin quick to the boat. Ones he came in sight I saw at least 6 other fish following the hooked one .Marty put a bait in the water and just after gaffing our fish we hooked another one .This fish did some manouevers on us so I had to start the engines and move.That made us loose the school but we caught the 50 kg fish. after that we caught nine albacores wich rounded the end of our day .

Tommorrow a 3 day competition starts with about 45 boats so I guess there is gone be a lot to report in these days !

22.9. We had to get up at five to get our bait and then we went out at 6 for the competition .We couldn´t get a bluefin but we brought 7 albacores with atotal weight

of 87 kg to the scale 6 bluefin were caught today and the biggest one was 89 kg.

23.9. We started at 7 today and we had a good start with a 77 kg bluefin at half past 8 but after that we could only get 3 albacores.Today 10 bluefins over 50kg were caught

and one 34 kg swordfish.

24.9 Day off

26.9 We went out with our south african friends out of the competition but we had slow day with one albacore and one stingray .

27.9 Final day of the competition and we are 3rd so far.

From 6 to 11 nobody catches anything so we decided to troll for albacores because we need only twenty points to get 2nd.then we hear that perfect Lady is hooked up and we troll towards them. As we get close a bottomdrager just emptys his net and we stop here for another drift.That worked 30 minutes later we have some nice arches on the furuno and seconds later we get a bite.After 15 minutes we have a 65kg tuna in the boat and we are leading the competition now.

But we were not the only ones catching "Charly catches his first tuna soon and we were relaxed because he didn´t have any yet but then we hear him reporting the second fish and we get really nervous.We got two more tunas in our chum but we couldn´t foul them so we have to see at the scale who wins.

the final result for us was 944points and "Charly" just needed 120 kg with his 2 tunas but he failed by 1!!!! point.

The final results of the competition:

1. Shy II 944 points

2. Charly 943 points

3. Barakuda 710 points

4. Chalenger 658 points

5. Maria 510 points


8.El Patron 414 points

So we won and celebrated big time this night !

28.9 We were lucky that we had bad weather today because our heads were twice as big as normal !

29.9 Back to normal fishing and new people new luck worked again !

We caught a 50 and 70 kg tuna within one hour and we were done !

I´ll send the final rankings in the next days !

30.9 El Patron got 3 bluefins arond 60kg.

Today no bluefins for shy but 9 albacores.

1.10 No Tunas again 8 albis but El Patron got 4 bluefins up to 70 kg

2.10 Finaly we got a nice one again 90,5 kg and we lost one because of a breaking Tld 50 ( second time now !!! never again !!!)

3.10 1 bluefin of around 60kg and one albi for us . 2 for charly up to 85kg. 2 for Bakul 100+120kg !Perfect Lady broke a rod on an 80kg fish and lost it.